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Many of my married friends acknowledge how easy it was to find their soulmate. However, most single people know from their experience how tedious and time-consuming search for a soulmate can be. Are they doing something wrong? Would finding some direction from a dating coach help to find a good partner for life? As time goes by, many people realize how different their life would be if they would meet the right partner early in life.

Is it hard for an individual to identify their destructive patterns of dating? Many individuals go from one date to another for years repeating the old destructive pattern. For example, some of my clients have a habit to dismiss and disapprove the emotions and feelings of other people not realizing that expressing emotions and feelings is a heart of every meaningful relationship. They are hoping that each next date will be different. Most of those people don’t get younger. They go to bars, clubs, coffee shops, and even try to meet people at the mall without much success. Some learn seduction skills hoping that it will bring them closer to happiness. Others spend years learning about positive thinking and building self-esteem.

It is possible to improve the quality of our relationships. Often our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are preventing us from turning our dreams into reality.  We help our clients to remove road blocks on the way to their goals.

I often get a question from my clients “How should I act on the first date to make the best first impression?” The answer is simple. On the first date, I recommend being relaxed, polite and not pushy. Try to say jokes and stories that will make your partner comfortable. Be curious about the other person without asking too many questions.

Do your best to keep a conversation flowing. I recommend sharing more personal details about yourself at an appropriate moment. Try to convey insights and understanding that brings positive change in life. The most important to enjoy the moment! The present moment is precious if you leave your past problems behind.

I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and there is no reason to wait. Join Silachi Club. We will help you to avoid mistakes and bring the best qualities while dating. Your life will never be the same!               

                                                    – Alex Akselrod | Founder

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