Intuitive Healer Services

Intuitive Healer Services Deepen Feelings of Harmony and Peace

Signature Healing Formula is the best healing session at Silachi. In this session we incorporate advanced alternative medicine modalities such as Medical Qigong, Emotional Healing, ThetaHealing®, Simple Hypnosis, Meridians Activation, and Breathwork Healing

Also, we have effective holistic methods to heal major organs, strengthen spinal cord, preserve eyesight, reduce depression, lose weight, and awaken kundalini.


This goes beyond energy work to transform your mindset and recondition the body to tap into profound levels of health and vitality. It is a joyful feeling for me to see how quickly changes manifest in reality for most of my clients.

During the first healing session, we find the root of a health problem, events and emotions affecting a client. We perform hands-off bioscan, check if aura energy field shifted, check for holes in the energy field, and check for chakras disbalance.

Then we re-balance the energy field, work on the pranic tube, and meridians activation. Some physical manipulation may also be required to release blockages in the organs and along energy meridians. If needed, each subsequent energy healing session is designed to bring a client back into total alignment.

The primary goal of healing sessions is to stimulate the immune system so that your body can heal itself naturally.

We offer results oriented 2-month program to overcome blockages that stop you from achieving better health. Call Alex at 425-589-5178 to learn more.

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