Less Stress. Joy and Success.


We offer simple and effective methods for leaders to improve wellbeing and growth which address stress, anxiety, body, and emotions. Silachi wellness consultants build emotional awareness and resilience to reduce stress and live a happier life.


Most people don’t consider stress a good enough reason to visit a doctor or psychologist, which is why Silachi wellness consultants is the perfect choice for resolving this issue. In fact, this is a natural approach as it is always better to handle any issue without medication or any invasive medical intervention.

You are probably wondering why stress has so much impact on your life? I asked myself the same question many years ago. At that time, I had healthy diet, exercised every day and never smoked or took drugs. It never entered my mind that I was experiencing stress. I realize that we can only know what we have been taught and there is not much education today about how our own bodies work and what is required to stay healthy. It is only recently became known and proven by science that stress is the cause of most illness.


In fact, 75% of adults in the United States say they feel stress or anxiety daily. Stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, attachment, insecurity, lack of success we want, are some of the situations that interfere the balance in our life, causing a cycle of stress and even illness. Sustained period of stress cause disruption in biochemical functions of the body and depletion of organs. The result in deterioration of health also known as burnout.


I have spent nearly ten years working with thousands of clients to perfect Silachi stress and anxiety relief system. Now it provides meaningful health outcomes and lasting behavior change to make your life more enjoyable! The system helps to release stress using easy and effective methods such as breathing, movement, energy work and guidance.

After you let go stress I help to boost your energy level and with this energy manifest life you desire. Silachi wellness programs are better than stress management that usually has short-lived effects. Our system helps to rebuild your health from inside out!