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Breakthrough Session with Intuitive Reading


Optimize Your Health with the Silachi Method

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Insights & Clarity

Discover your true potential and identify the areas that need to be addressed and fine tuned in order to achieve your objectives. Overcome your mental and emotional blocks.

Access a verified alternative medicine expert and life coach with 10+ years of experience. Alex can provide intuitive information outside of logical mind. Better decisions with the Silachi consultant. Better results.

One-on-one Coaching with Alex Akselrod, intuitive consultant and healer. Get access to unprecedented insights.

We bring you the BEST alternative medicine healing methods from the East and the West. Deeper and quicker level of healing and transformation. 

Alex is an experienced behavior change specialist with ability to help clients address variety of wellness needs such as stress and weight management.

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10+ Years of

Our Clients

Northtown Barbershop
Northtown BarbershopPeter
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"Silachi provided invaluable perspective and lots of actionable ideas to grow our business. Now we are working on those ideas to extend our services and attract more clients. Looking forward to working with Alex in the future."
Elements Massage
Elements MassageLena
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"Alex helped me to restore health. Also, he gave me good business advice. He is a good specialist with ability to improve life."
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"An excellent place for rejuvenating and understanding yourself and where you need to go in life. Alex, instructor, did a great job teaching and guiding me to find my internal balance."
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