About Us

Silachi dating club offers fun events, matchmaking, and dating services in Bellevue, Washington. Our goal is to provide quality introductions for busy professionals seeking a serious relationship.

The name Silachi is composed of two words. Sila means strength / right action, and Chi means energy. The name attests to the mission of Silachi dating club – to be a source of strength, support, and guidance for you in your quest to find your perfect match. 

Alex - International Dating and Marriage Agency


Founder & Matchmaker

Alex is a Matchmaker and a Certified Life Coach with over 10 years experience. He guides people through stress and major life changes using a path of empowerment and healing.

Irene - International Dating and Marriage Agency


Happiness Coach

Irene is a master of positive life transformation with 9 years experience. She uses scientifically proven holistic methods to improve the quality of relationships.

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