Alex Akselrod, founder of Silachi, is a certified wellness and life coach in the U.S. Also, he is a known healer and intuitive consultant. Alex guides clients to changes that manifest their dream life. He uses the path of empowerment and healing to help clients go through major life changes, stress, and health challenges, which is a stepping stone to a better future.



Our Mission

We work with smart, busy professionals who want to feel their best, reduce their stress, and manifest the life they desire. They want to experience improvement in health and other areas of their life, but not quite sure how to get there on their own. The goal is to create the life they have always envisioned for themselves.


Over the last 10 years Alex has been practicing wellness coaching and alternative medicine. He is an expert in helping people restore health within a short period of time.

The healing gift resulted from many years of work as Certified Qigong Teacher and Advanced ThetaHealer®. 

Alex helped hundreds of clients restore their health using ancient natural healing methods with success. Alex is a popular lecturer and published author of the book “Restore Your Health in 30 Days or Less”.

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